Clean slate.
Les amigos de Flying.
Manuel Cuevas, scarabée balinais.
Pink Simmons taking off late.
5'6 Simmons, gloss, 1" stringer, glass on keels.
Shall we go surfing ?

9'5 Celeritas Flex ; Asturias, Spain.
Cuchilla, square tail.

5'8 Simmons, 1" stringer and transparent gloss.

Foil in process.

Cuchilla 7'7 Square, 1" stringer, water camouflage and gloss finish.
5'9 Simmons, gloss finish.

9'7 Cachalot.

Last light delivery.
Les amigos de Flying.
Xerxes Gonzalez-Quijano Naraghi, One BQ prodigy.


Off you go.
Going hulling.

Calibre 49" / Alaia rails / Little Simmons bottom / Hand foiled mini twin fins / Double plug for prone or stand up surfing / 3'9 summer toy.
Restauration of my very first board. Around 6'6, V-bottom and golden age wingers, glassed on single fin, shaped in the late 70's.
PG Special again. Diego again.
Diego on fire on his PG Special