Disc would start at 5'11 and up to 7'-ich.
Could be shaped as a single fin, or 2+1 also.
This board is 5'11, wetsand finished in a light blue-green glass job, with a regular foot set up.
about foil
JT rail burying his PG Special
9'7 Celeritas
The PG Special is shaped acting on Paul Gross' instructions.
It is a classic S-deck displacement hull and without a doubt one of the fastest boards I have ever experienced.
The PG Special is unforgiving, and quite difficult to surf right ; but when you hit the sweet spot, it will slingshot you through every section, faster and faster.
5'75 Little Simmons
The leash ruined surfing.
In case of wipe out, grab your board and hold on.
8'9 OneBQ / post session joy
workshop routine
fc / 9'7 Celeritas
12 to 15 ft spanish guétary, early morning / nobody out